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Extend your seasons with an affordable and easy to install Polymer Sunkit, Gazebo, Wind Screen, BBQ Shelter, fence or railing. Sunkits are commonly referred as Sunrooms or solariums.

What makes our polymer sunkits stand above the competition? Affordability, customization and ease of installation, together with our patented 100% Canadian hand made flexible memory polymer panels and extruded 6063 T5 aluminum structures that are guarranteed not to fade or discolour for 5 years (panels) and 10 years on the aluminum at 1/2 the cost of traditional glass. Extending your seasons couldn't be easier. Come visit our showroom and see for yourself how affordable your dreams really are!



Our exclusive polymer panels have an incredible 390% stretch capacity and memory that enables them to return to original specifications after enduring loads of up to 490lbs sq.in for short or long periods of time.

All polymer panels offer 100% UV protection and are impact resistant and non-flammable. Panels are available in two colours, clear smoke and a tinted charcoal for extra privacy and less sun penetration. Panels have passed both ASTM D-638 and ASTM D-624 test for stretch and load capacities.

Polymer Sun Kits, Sunrooms, Solariums
Polymer Sun Kit General Contractor Sunroom Solarium
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Sunkits have a unique modular design that allows them to be perfectly custom fit to meet the needs of the customer. Height, width and depth could be ajusted accordingly to match your spaces and each sunkit could be fitted with any number of screen kits and doors to allow for maximum air circulation while protecting the interior from insects and other unwanted critters or animals.

Custom designs and combo projects. Combination or custom sized units are available upon request and need to be reviewed and approved by our engineering department before the Sunkits are manufactured to specifications.

Backyard Performance - Child Safe Polymer


Unique flexible polymer is great for active backyards where flying projectiles such as baseballs, pucks, golf balls and many other things that would normally create a hazard if striking glass. Our panels are child safe because they stretch and do not shatter when struck, creating an enjoyable and safe environment for children and pets.