Polymer Sun Kits

Our sun kits are made of an aluminium structure and polymer panels treated against UV rays. Sliding door and screen kits are included in the kit. A standard sun kit is delivered with both polymer color; the roof panels come in dark and the side and facade come in clear smoke color. PolySun Kit has conceived an easy installation concept : Ready to put up! Included in all of our sunrooms, each piece comes pre-pierced, pre-numbered and individually wrapped. The assembly manual will guide you step by step.

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Aluminium Structure

Our sun kit structure is manufactured from various aluminium extrusions designed and created exclusively for our products.

Our sun kit structure is light so it can be installed directly on your balcony or your patio made of wood or concrete. Opposite of tradionnal glass sunroom, our product doesn't need any particular foundation, only a leveled surface. Unlike glass solariums, you do not need a foundation. A wooden balcony may be sufficient quite simply.

  • Aluminium 6063 T5
  • Durable electrostatic paint Duracon
  • 10-year guarantee

Signature Series

Flexible Polymer

We manufacture our polymer, we guarantee our polymer. We prepare our polymer from a granula especially developed for our sunrooms. This technology, unique to PolySunKit, allows us to always keep control on the quality of the polymer. Each window panel is hand made and covered with a prorata 5 year guarantee. They are available in clear smoke or dark charcoal.

Our polymer is non-flammable and treated against UV rays. Further more, it has a memory which gives it the possibility to regain its original shape following a pressure for a short or a long time period. It can resist a temperature down to -34°C! It holds up a 490lbs/sq. in. load with a 390% stretching capacity.

Railings and Fences

Accessories & Addons

  • Modified color shades windows
  • Roof blinds
  • Roof vent
  • Cleaning accessories
  • Grease remover for aluminium

Available Colors

Aluminium Frame

  • White Frame White

  • Sand Frame Sand

Polymer Panels

  • Clear Smoke Clear Smoke

  • Dark Charcoal Dark Charcoal

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